This tower in Tel Aviv is a testament to the enduring power of arches in architecture. The Arch is the defining element of the building, drawing on a rich history and meaning.

Arches have been a staple of architecture for centuries, with their origins dating back to ancient civilizations. Originally used as a structural element to support the weight of buildings, the arch has also been seen as a symbol of welcome and a gateway to buildings and cities.


In our tower, the arches not only serve a functional purpose, but also create a sense of community and connection to the city. Large balconies with private gardens and outdoor seating are nestled between the arches, inviting residents to come together and enjoy the outdoors.

The grey brick facade of the tower blends seamlessly into the skyline of Tel Aviv, adding to the city’s unique identity and character.

We believe that a highrise should not be an isolated island, but rather a reflection of the time, place, and culture it occupies. By incorporating the arch, a symbol with such a deep history and meaning, we aim to create a building that people can connect with and identify as their own.