Bert is a modular treehouse designed to provide a unique and playful experience for those looking to connect with nature and architecture.

Bert was designed with a focus on playfulness and an appreciation for the sense of discovery and imagination that can be found in childhood.


The modular system allows for easy customization to meet the specific needs and desires of clients, and the prefabricated parts can be easily assembled on site. Bert can be minimized or expanded with the addition of new modules, making it flexible to grow taller and wider throughout its lifespan.

Bert was conceptualized as a tiny home, but can also be arranged in larger configurations for use as garden houses, multi-family homes, hotels, or urban developments. Bert is a flexible and modular building system that can grow taller and wider throughout its lifespan by adding new modules.

The design of Bert was influenced by the forest, with the building resembling a tree trunk connected to the ground on a minimal footprint. The interior is kept dark to create a cozy atmosphere, with large glass openings providing views of the surrounding nature. The leaf-like shingles on the facade are varied shades of brown, helping to camouflage the structure in its natural surroundings.


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Bert is a collaboration between Precht and Baumbau, a start-up specializing in tiny homes, treehouses, and buildings for alternative tourism. Together, we believe that the future of tourism lies in special buildings that offer unique experiences, and Bert is designed to cater to those seeking adventure, nature, and an exploratory mind.