Where The River Runs

‘Water is life. Water is the well of our origin. It is the main designer of our environment. Water is the connecting circulation system of our world and a precious resource, on which life on earth survives. It makes up two thirds of our body, just like the map of the world. Our vital fluids are mainly saline, the same as the ocean. Water is our physical connection with the planet.’



This landscape pavilion is a statement for the importance of clean water and the preservation of our natural environment. ‘Where the river runs’ was chosen as a winner in an international competition and is currently under construction for the 10th international Garden Expo in Wuhan /China.

We are not important to water. It is the other way around. Our task is to find a reasonable way to survive inside its boundaries. A sensible use of our natural resources, a heart to protect the common goods and a guidance of new achievements in science and technology.



A river-like pathway guides visitors through an artificial landscape of hills and valleys. Seeds of different plants are given to the visitors at each entrance and they get the opportunity to plant local flowers, vegetables, fruits or herbs along the “riverbed”.



As people are hiking through the landscape and seeding their plants, they take over the function of a river as they bring life to the pavilion. Like the river does in an natural environment, the visitors become the starting point in the life-cycle of plants. They are an essential part to design the pavilion and that will increase the sensibility towards the importance of clean water and clean air.