We are hiring.

We are a small team on a big table and have space for one more. We cherish to be small and therefor hire very carefully and grow responsibly. But now we take the next step and look for one long-term addition to our team and we hope you are interested.

Our studio is in the mountains. We are not near a city-center. This was a deliberate decision tous focus on our work and explore the beauty of nature at the same time. For us this creates a healthy work-life balance. If you would like to work with us, please keep in mind that the next city (Salzburg) is half an hour by car. Sharing a ride to work with some of our employees is possible. The countryside is gorgeous, but certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Please think about that, before sending your application.

If you are still interested to join our team, you should be a ‘nature-loving person’, because our surrounding offers a great scenery. In winter we are in walking distance to skiing slopes and in summer we are in hiking distance to (literally ) breathtaking summits.

Applicants should have:

Passion (above all)
A creative mindset
Bi-lingual in English and German
The right to work within the EU
Skills in 3d. Preferably C4D, Rhino, CAD or BIM

We offer:

A healthy work-life balance
Fair working conditions
A positive studio atmosphere
Diverse projects
The great outdoors

How to apply:

Please send your application to hr@precht.at . Don’t send .zip files, keep it short and pointed and try to keep your mail under 4mb.

Our studio nested in the mountains

A note:

We are a small team and do not have an hr-department. If your application remains unanswered, we will keep it stored and we might get back to you at a later point. In case it does not work out this time, we wish you all the best, try it again and keep up your motivation for architecture.