Toby’s Home

‘Toby’s home’ is a flagship store for a toy product-line named ‘Toby’. The toy tells the story of Toby and his friends, who are born as seedlings of a dandelion and grow up in-between a forest. This story has sent our imagination on a journey to create a home for Toby.’



We were asked by chinese developer Vanke to create an architectural interpretation of Toby’s environment and translate it to a space for children and grown-ups. We were looking at the project the same way as a seedling might see our natural environment and translated trees into large arches, which bundle together and define different areas within the space.



A set of ramps and staircases connects a mezzanine floor to the exhibition and seating areas. All ramps and railings are hung from the ceiling and supported by white-painted steel cables. The connecting circulation guides visitors through the forrest of arches and the movement of visitors appearing and disappearing behind arches adds a certain vitality to the space.



Like a forest, the space offers a great contrast of solid and light, closed and open, dense and wide areas , resulting in an interesting atmosphere of spaces and light. The arches are kept white, which results in a nice contrast to the dark floor and walls. The white forest can be coloured in any tone but the LED-lighting which is placed with the arches and offers a great flexibility to highlight certain areas, creating larger and smaller regions within the artificial forest.