VW Think Tank

‘The office space is changing. Flexibility is a key word for the office of the future. Increasing real-estate prices, a multitasking work-force and organizational networks instead of pyramid hierarchy ask for a design that can modify itself to different layouts. An office is no longer just a ‘place to work’. It can morph into various setups: a place to think, a place to meet, a place to present, a place to exhibit and a place to celebrate. Private spaces turn into public areas. A future office is as diverse as the tasks in a connected world.’



We collaborated with Volkwagen to design the office of the future for the creative team of VW. We introduced rotating sliding-doors that are guided in rails on the ceiling. The doors can be moved into place  to open up or close up a various arrangement of spaces. The project is an example of a flexible interior design that can adapt to any given needs or demands.