The Soundwave

‘The first time I arrived in China, I was taken by the transformation of public plazas in the evening. People meet and dance together. With this project we designed an sculpture that responds in a direct way with sensors and lightning to the movement on the plaza.’



The 4000m2 large scultpure consists of more than 700 perforated fins varying in height. The sculpture marks the entrance gate to the largest Myrtle Tree Garden in Asia. Music, Rhythm and Dance in combination with the surrounding Landscape were the main parameters shaping ‘the Soundwave’.

Resting on Gothe’s definition “Architecture is frozen music”, the aggregation of fins presents a solidified moment of a Soundwave in motion. The vivid city, movement, the rhythm of music and the color of nature are reflected within this moment.



Every Fin is perforated towards the top and contains stripes of LEDs. The orchestra of the fins produce a sea of light that reacts in a very direct way to the movement on the plaza. The more vivid the movement, the brighter the illumination on the plaza.



During the day, the matte finish of the panels reflects its surrounding and transforms with the position of the sun, to produce a changing appearance of the sculpture throughout the day. In addition to the shimmering surface of the purple metal, the fins are located in four different water ponds. The reflection of the water adds to the play of light.