The New York Billboard

‘Vertical towers are islands in a city. With a certain height, they become isolated from its environment and consume from their surrounding without giving anything back. The New York Billboard is a horizontal tower that maximazes the area for prime real-estate, while using its size to produce energy for the neighborhood.’



The proposal seeks for a way to add a new horizontal layer to Manhattan. An elevated link between towers, separated from traffic and noise, filled with public functions, bicycle lanes and walkways.
The area that is covered by towers will be given back to the public by integrating its roofs to the grid of linking walkways, elevated gardens and public facilities and, as a unique aspect, it introduces public life into the skyline of Manhattan.



Solar and PV-panels on top and side will cover a 14.000sqm area to produce around 7.200.000kW hrs per year. Within the gap between the main functions, the structure will employ helical wind turbine technology, which generate 1.400.000kW hrs per year, or roughly 13% of the buildings demand on energy. Rainwater gets collected on the 7300sqm roof-area. It gets then pumped into the cooling system, used for flushing and irrigating plants.



30% of The New York Billboard‘s facade area allow algae bio cultivation to take place within the buildings double skin facade. As the algae grows, it sucks up CO2 from the surrounding air. The produced Bio-Diesel contains no sulfur, is non-toxic and highly biodegradable. This adds up to 45.000l of renewable bio diesel each year.



With reaching a certain height, tall towers are facing certain issues:

1. Towers are monuments elevating the cities population form its urban grid. At the height of towers, ones experience becomes isolated from the public and urban conditions.

2. Exiting a high-rise in case of an emergency is facing serious difficulties.

3. When it comes to getting down by elevator 50+ floors for an hour-long lunchbreak and going the same way back later on, towers get inefficient with a certain height.