The Myrtle Garden Hotel

‘If there is a beautiful view on the surrounding, it would be pity if the architecture doesn’t provide a panoramic perspective on the landscape.’



The hotel is located in the outskirts of Xiangyang and sits on a small hill within the largest Myrtle Flower Garden throughout Asia. Designed to blend into its surrounding typography, the hotel is partially inserted into the slope of the hill and offers a varying appearance depending on ones point of view.



A drop-off lane wind itself through and underneath the circular volumes and offers a certain level of urbanity to the hotel’s natural surrounding. The lower zone of the hotel hosts all public areas, which are divided in 3 parts: culinarity, relaxation and business, each represented within one form-difining circle.



The lobby stretches between the business and culinary area combining them to the main public zone of the hotel. The upper part of the hotel accommodates the private areas with 146 guest-rooms offering a unique view on the surrounding myrtle tree park.

Each circle offers a park with ponds and vegetation in its centre supporting a natural ventilation system throughout the hotel. Being constantly surrounded by the courtyards, the walk to the hotel-room is experienced as a walk through the park, which guides the guests naturally to their room.