The Cola Bow

‘Plastic waste is a global issue, specially in developing countries like China. With this sculpture we made a statement for the importance to recycle plastic. We turned trash into a treasure.’



The cola-bow is a public art installation in cooperation with Coca Cola and is made out of  17.000 recycled plastic bottles, which were braided to create a shape inspired by the swings of the Coca-Cola logo.

The installation should also serve as a statement against plastic pollution by taking trash and turning it into a shelter. A lot of things which are most convenient to us are made out of plastic. A too small percentage of this plastic waste end up in recycling bins. To make matters worse, plastic is persistent in the environment where it can remain up to 450 years. Surrounded by increased pollution every, the sculpture can also be seen as a reminder for creating awareness to recycle plastic waste.



More than 17.000 bottles were collected by a joint initiative of universities around Beijing and Coca-Cola China to give students a bottle of Coke for every 10 empty ones brought back to a recycling spot. The amount of collected plastic bottles ended up in an entrance canopy to the 2nd university creation expo.