This Art Auditorium in the center of Beijing hosts lectures, readings, small exhibitions, and an area for trading artworks. The goal was to create a space that would connect the public to artists and provide a direct link to art itself.

The resulting design is an “escheresque” space that is filled with arches, steps, and mirrors, creating a skewed and distorted reality that engages visitors in an interactive way.


The auditorium is accessed through a monolithic facade that is mirrored in its center and connects to the neighboring Museum. Inside, a lively box of arches, mirrors, and steps serves as a grand entrance and can be used for lectures or team meetings. It also guides visitors to the lower floor, where there is an exhibition and art-depo area.

On the first floor, there is an art-selling lounge where paintings and art pieces are traded and a small bar invites customers to informal conversations. A staircase on the right side of the box leads employees to an office space on the second floor. The wooden cube is visible from every space in the building and has round cutouts that allow visitors to peek into the main lecture space.