Traveling is our preferred way of finding inspiration, wandering around and experiencing different cultures and ways of life. Especially during times of Covid, the memories of distant places have become even more important and can sometimes turn into design ideas years later.


When we started designing the % Arabica store in Bangkok, we were reminded of our previous travels in Thailand and the visits we had made to potteries and handcrafting factories, as well as the stunning temples with their murals and ornaments.

We were particularly impressed by the value placed on conversation in Thai culture, as depicted in the murals where the landscape or traditional architectural topography was used as a joyful setting for chat.

In order to recreate this sense of conversation and community within the store, we designed a seating topography that allowed customers to roam and find a spot to sit or lounge. We also incorporated other elements of traditional Thai design, such as modular repetitions and rectangular terracing, into our design.

We used simple, handcrafted tiles and blocks to assemble the space, collaborating with local craftsmen to create grey, concrete-like tiles with a white glazed center. The handcrafting added a touch of Wabi Sabi to the otherwise clean, minimalist design, giving it rich texture and delicate imperfections.