The Farmhouse was developed with the believe that the disconnection between people and the production of their food has had a negative impact on both individual health and the health of the environment.

This disconnection has only grown since the industrial revolution, as the globalization of food systems has made it easier for us to access a wide variety of foods from around the world at any time of year.

However, this convenience comes at a cost. The environmental impact of food transportation and the use of pesticides and other chemicals in industrial agriculture have all contributed to the degradation of our planet and its natural livestock.


… That is why we have been working for the past years on a project called “The Farmhouse,” which is designed to reconnect people with the process of growing their own food.

Our inspiration for this project comes from our own personal experience of living and working off the grid in the mountains of Austria, where we have grown much of our own food and sourced the rest from local farmers. We have found that this way of life has not only provided us with fresh, delicious food but has also allowed us to connect more deeply with the natural world and our own personal health.

The Farmhouse is a prefabricated, modular building system that is designed to be assembled quickly and with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Its structural design is based on traditional A-Frame houses, using a diagrid to distribute loads throughout the building. Each wall is composed of three layers, including an inner layer with finishes, electricity, and pipes, a middle layer with insulation, and an outer layer for protection from the elements.

We hope that the Farmhouse will provide a unique opportunity for people in urban areas to connect with their food and the natural world.


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