The Pixelscape Store

‘Usually a temporary pop-up shop can be a waste of material and resources. We designed a fully modular system that can be reused afterwards in other spaces in a different configuration. This way, all the elements become part of a circular design.’



The shop should connect visitors to an online app store. This connection of the virtual world and reality was a key aspect in designing the store. An image of the real world is presented on a screen in a pixelated way. Those pixels are brought to life and manifested in more than 2000 modular, wooden boxes.



The “pixels” can connect with each other in varying formations and forms, following the needs and the demands of the store. The boxes were prefabricated and delivered to site, where they were assembled in less than 10 hours. The current configuration is a temporary pop-up store in a shopping mall in Tianjin / China.



After 7 months the App Store gets dissembled and all its parts spread out to 6 smaller stores in Tianjin and Beijing. As the shop move, all its “pixels” move with it and get reassembled in a different configuration depending on each stores characteristics and functions.