One With The Birds

‘When we were kids, we climbed trees and experienced our natural environment in a more 3 dimensional way. But when we grew up, we lost this direct connection to nature. ‘One with the Birds’ is project made of bamboo to connect people back to the treetops.’



‘One with the Birds’ is a modular, structural system, which has the possibility to adapt to various needs, demands and functions. The flexibility of the system can react to any given circumstances and site-conditions. Conceptualised as a hotel, the project principles can be adapted to a variety of typologies, like temporary housing, event architecture or emergency shelters.



The structure is inspired by the Tippis of Native Americans, which didn’t leave any harm on the site, nor on the material itself, because all joints were connected with ropes. As a result, the tents were easy to construct, deconstruct and carried further to a different location. A truly flexible system. Our design is fully modular and can adapt to any given needs and demands. It is able to grow in any direction.