Magic Breeze Landscape

‘I am very inspired by Indian architecture like traditional stairwells. It is very rare to find an architectural typology where function and beauty are so intertwined and a harmony of human needs and environmental impact is so in balance. The stairwells were a main source of inspiration for this landscape design.’



We took Indian stairwells as a source of inspiration and created steps for the landscape. Those steps are used as planters and filled with flowers, herbs and grasses to serve as a communal garden for the residents.

Residents who want to get quickly to their apartments, but also enjoy a walk in the park in a more private setting, use a second, narrower walking path. A third trail takes people onto the steps to the private gardens and is mainly for strolling through the landscape in the evening or walking the dog. It takes one through bamboo coves, flower gardens and water features and has built in benches for taking a rest.



Based on Indian Water-mazes, the steps get shifted to create different sets of atmosphere. From private gardens for a stroll in the park to open plazas for larger gatherings. The 8.000sqm large landscape is designed around a 3 different speeds of moving. A wide, straight road is for runners, fast walkers and serves as an emergency lane for fire-trucks.