Hongkun Art Auditorium

‘Maybe infinity is the place where creativity starts.’



The Hongkun Art Auditorium is a space where people can listen to readings or lectures and meanwhile get inspired by an artistic surrounding. We created a hall that creates a link for the public to listen to artists as well as a link to art itself.




Visitors enter the art space through a monolithic facade that connects its appearance to the neighboring museum. From outside, the facade is mirrored in its center offering identical doors through the solid exterior on the left and right side.



The topic of a centred and mirrored space continues to the interior. We inserted a lively box of arches, mirrors and steps that can host lectures or team meetings, and is used as a grand entrance to guide visitors to the lower floor. Here the space accommodates an exhibition and art-depo area.Walking around the box on the left side, guests will reach a art-selling lounge on the first floor, where paintings and art-pieces are traded and a small bar invites costumers to an informal talk. On the right side of the box, a staircase lead employees to an office space on the second floor.



The use of arches is a signature element in many of our projects. The neighbouring Hongkun Museum of Fine Arts features arches and counter-arches as one inviting entrance-ribbon to guide people into the Gallery. To connect the Gallery and the Auditorium, penda continued this formal expression of arches and counter- arches into the auditorium.


“Our love for arches as a structural element, but also as a welcoming gesture and symbol of entrance manifested itself in this project. With the reflective walls, the arches transform from a physical to a intangible element and connect with each other to one endless swing. A space that connects reality and imagination.’