Bamboo Pavilion BDW

‘It was a process of more than 2 years that we developed a structural system, which is entirely made out of Bamboo and ropes. This pavilion was a first mock-up of the system which was entirely financed and built by ourselves.’



The structural system of the pavilion is fully modular, ecological and easy to expand in every direction. We chose Bamboo as a main construction material, as it has long traditional roots in China and is a fantastic building material, which currently leads a underrated existence in the architectural process of construction.




‘For our Pavilion for the Beijing Design Week, no nails or screws were is used for the structure and all materials are 100% recyclable. Furthermore the Bamboo does not get drilled in the process. All joints are tied with ropes, which leaves the Bamboo canes unharmed so they can be reused after the installation. We see our project strongly connected to the ‘Cradle to Cradle’ movement, which proposes a holistic economic, industrial and social framework that seeks to create systems which are not only self-sufficient, but also essentially waste-free.’



During the Beijing Design Week, visitors will seed plants into some baskets, which get connected to the pavilion. The plants will use the structure to grow along and after some time, nature will be the main design-element and architecture comes second.